All Marigold products are either Vegetarian and/or Vegana.

The Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon range comes in a selection of options: regular, organic, reduced salt, and organic reduced salt, in either cube and powder form.

The specific Bouillon products which are Vegan
a are pictured here:

aReduced salt powder/Purple tub  aOrganic powder/Red tub  aReduced Salt/organic   aAll three cube options

To find out which bouillon product is best for your specific needs, please consult our Marigold Bouillon Content chart.

The only product in the entire Marigold range that contains lactose (and so is not vegan) is the Marigold Swiss Vegetable bouillon powder in the green (regular) tub.


The other Marigold products which are Vegana are pictured here:


aLiquid Aminos       aBraised Tofu        aOrganic Gravy    aEngevita Yeast Flakes

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